​​​Rachel Holdt

Personal, one-on-one training in my home studio!  

With over 15 years of teaching experience in Pilates and dance, I can easily assist you in achieving your goals.  My practice has evolved to become primarily one on one instruction and I excel in serving special populations including degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, post-surgery, pre/during and post-natal care, thoracic outlet syndrome, osteoporosis, osteopenia, herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal stenosis and a plethora of other conditions with great success.  I look forward to working with you to bring you the very best of personalized, professional and experienced instruction.   You can see further reviews on Yelp, Google, Next-door, Instagram, Facebook and other sites.  

Here is what some of my clients have to say: 

"My husband and I have been working with Rachel for a little over three years.  We always train as a duo, and with differing strengths and weakness we can be a challenge. Rachel always meets that challenge.
Rachel is an expert pilates instructor who works to keep herself current with new ideas in the field.  She is knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology and applies that knowledge well to adapt her program to the physical needs and limitations of her clients. She is always pushing for improvement, but never over the limits of what we each can do.  She is a master at varying our programs so that we are never bored and she has a great sense of humor, making our workouts entertaining and fun as well as challenging.
Before finding Rachel we enjoyed several other very skilled instructors, but something was always lacking.   Quite honestly, Rachel is the best around!"  Barb S. - San Diego, CA

"If anyone is looking for a phenomenal pilates instructor, mine has just opened her own in-home studio (Carmel Valley), and will also come to your house if you have equipment. She works with TRX as well. She has a Masters of Fine Arts in Dance Choreography, and has been teaching dance (college level) since 2013. She has her CTTC in Pilates from Body Arts and Sciences Institute and studied under Karen Clippinger at CSULB. She has taught Pilates in various studios since 2008 and most importantly, she has vast experience in dealing with various populations/conditions including professional dancers, spinal deviations, osteo-conditions, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, herniations, back surgeries, pre/during/post natal, thoracic outlet syndrome and a multitude of other conditions. I have DDD and not only has she gotten me pain free in the 18 months I have been working with her, I have made very strong fitness progress as well. I am not related to Rachel - just trying to get the word out as she just branched out on her own to build her business. She's mature, reliable, personable, very creative (I have never done the same workout twice) - simply fantastic!" Karen D. - San Diego, CA

"Rachel’s expertise and guidance have helped me tremendously to get back to my physical condition pre- injury. I'm 10 years out post-laminectomy and I've been seeing Rachel for years! She has provided me with a myriad of core strength exercises. She watches and coaches intently to ensure I am in proper form and alignment. She's helped me get my "back on track!" Prior to my injury , I was an avid swimmer, runner, snowboarder, surfer, etc. I was very ACTIVE. After the accident, I was bedridden and in constant pain. I took a full year to recover. Even after all the PT, I was still apprehensive to exercise again. Rachel helped me get back on track - she is creative and always have fresh ideas to mix and match the workout. I am now mountain biking, paddle boarding, etc again. With her extensive training, she understands body mechanics and knows how to modify the movements so you don't risk injury. She's helped me prevent future injuries. No more future back surgery for me if I continue to work with her! She's helped me through my pregnancy as well. I highly recommend her work. She knows what she is doing. " L. Phang - San Diego, CA


One on One - A la carte            $75

Package Deals           10/$700  or 5/$355

Monthly 2x/week      $64 each

​**special pricing available upon request or seasonally